Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru Episode 02

What could possibly go wrong?

Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru Episode 2 Soft subs 

Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru Episode 2 Hard subs

RAWs can be downloaded from here.

During the first episode, I mistranslated a few lines describing Ryoji and
Chihiro's occupation. It has been fixed for the soft sub version.
But just in case someone missed that, Ryoji is a stylist whereas 
Chihiro is a nail artist.
In this episode, not really much to take note of. 

1. Eels
Eels help for fertility it seems. So for those planning on having children,
better grab some now!

Hello again, Raiho80 here~

Firstly, huge apologies for the delay. There have been a few technical issues with my laptop and also the cold that I caught earlier this month. But hopefully, the releases for future episodes will be much faster.

This episode plays with a lot of emotions. And I’m starting to get the vibes things might not be all sunshine. Just the amount of drama spice needed! Look forward for the next episode!

tl;dr – Sorry for the delay!
Quickly read through the T/L notes! They’re useful~

P.S. I really like how they portray Saku in this episode.

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By fans for fans.

10 thoughts on “Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru Episode 02

      1. Well, I don’t speak Japanese, but I would be pleased to help you with any other matter. If you need support, please contact me


    1. Download the RAW. Make sure both video of said episode and subtitles have the same filename. And I recommend using players such as Media Player Classic or VLC. Hope it works!


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