So, what’s been happening lately…

WARNING! This update will be extremely lengthy. Skip if not interested.

This is just an update in case any of you were interested on what I’ve been doing, and a bit of venting of some sorts. It might contain me unhappily expressing my feelings at some quite personal level. You’ve been warned.

So, it’s been 3 months since a proper update.

I always tend to forget that reality is often disappointing, and a few months back I was reminded again.

As you all may have (or not) known, I’m an aspiring university student. Back in September 2018, I started what you can say a pre-university program. Things were going smooth for the most part, I had exams and such but I do enjoy subtitling J-Drama whenever I can.

And then, early 2019 on May, bad news came.

In short, you could say I was a scholarship receiver. Meaning, I wouldn’t have to pay for my tuition fees and that it was fully sponsored. Well, the way of the adults world works might be too advanced for me as I suddenly received news that my scholarship would be ‘reworked’. In one way or another, you could say I was scammed. I lost a lot of my potential in furthering my studies as they suddenly enforced drastic changes. It was more to benefit the university rather than the students.

In the end, I persevered and decided to finish up my pre-uni, and that was only until the very end of August. I didn’t receive my allowance and as such had to live off money that was the remainder of the previous months that they gave. For around 5 months or so, the supposed monthly allowance was gone like that.

As a result, I had to quickly drop out for the time being and from early September until recently, I’ve been doing odd jobs to sustain my livelihood, hence I was unable to be more active here.

It sucks. It really does. I’m still unsure whether I’ll continue my studies after this or the whole subtitling thing, but I thought at least I’d want to finish the current projects that I do have, which is Tokyo Dokushin Danshi (TDD).

That’s the overall gist of it. I’m typing this at 1.33 a.m. in the morning, but I thought everyone that visits this site deserves to know why I was M.I.A.

Also, thank you very much for those who’ve visited this site. Although I didn’t post that often, the viewership on this site never really declined, so that was kind of a push for me to not drop subbing TDD. I’ll finish the rest of the episodes. The main reason I didn’t want to put adlinks on this blog was because I think it was unfair. You guys came here for free subtitles, so I won’t change that~ 🙂

I hope everyone can continue show me their support! Thank you very much for reading till the very end.

Wishing you a good night (day)

4 thoughts on “So, what’s been happening lately…

  1. I am really sorry that you’ve lost your father and in such sort of time you’ve lost scholarship as well. I am 42 years old and I am in my second year of learning japanese!As a senior I would advise you to try hard to finish your studies because if you think that life is hard now, later is going to be harder.Bear it if you can it is great help in one’s life to be well educated.Your english are great!Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you very much
      Yes, I’m doing my best right now although working part time for the time being.
      I plan on continuing my studies early next year, hopefully nothing goes wrong.


  2. Hi, Raiho. I’m sorry for everything that happened this last year. I can only pray that you continue doing well. And I can’t agree more with what the previous commenter said–please continue your studies once you feel able to. I know that higher education isn’t a requisite to successful or even fulfilling life, but it does open many doors that might’ve stayed close otherwise.

    On another note, it seems that Neflix has picked up Tokyo Dokushin Danshi (as “Tokyo Bachelor”) and as such, English subs for the show have been floating around online. In case you’re considering dropping the show . . . .

    Anyway, best of luck!

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    1. Thank you very much for the support.
      And for telling me about the Netflix situation.
      I’ve decided to drop the subbing this time around as it seems there are better alternatives and legal ways to watch the show.
      I will continue my studies some time next year.
      Thank you again


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