Dropping of TDD

Hello there everyone.
It seems Netflix has decided to officially pickup Tokyo Dokushin Danshi.
As such, as disheartening as it sound I am hereby officially dropping the subbing of this show to make way as a means to support the original creators.

Please do subscribe to Netflix if you are interested in finishing the rest of the show with English subs.

The drama is available as Tokyo Bachelor on Netflix.

Godspeed, Raiho80

10 thoughts on “Dropping of TDD

  1. Hello there! Please do not finish the fansubbing of this drama! I’ve found the netflix version subtitle, but it is so far from yours! Not so enjoyable, like yours! Please,please, please, continue to translate this drama!!


    1. Hello there! Ah, as much as I’d love to continue to subtitle the show, waiting for my version to be released will be time consuming. If there are any official and legal methods to watch J-Drama, I’d like the fans to lean towards that.


      1. I dont care if i have to wait for your subtitle. For me it is important to watch dramas with good subtitle.


      2. Is the Netflix one really that bad? If a lot of people can voice out their opinion, I don’t mind picking it up. But I doubt there will be any huge difference right?


  2. As much as I appreciate your work, and as an English fluent speaker, I can tell you that the Netflix subtitles are very good. I didn’t notice any weird or broken English. You can focus your efforts on another series.

    If I can leave a suggestion. There is a very good series featuring Asami Mizukawa called Double Fantasy. Only five episodes and currently no subtitles.

    Please keep up the great work 😉


    1. It is not about weird or broken English. The netflix version is sterile short sentences without any feelings. (If you want, later I will give you some examples) Kills the atmosphere of the drama. Raiho’s work is brilliant. Gives the necessary plus to enjoy the conversations.
      Raiho, this is up to you. If you will finish this drama you will make me very happy. 😊😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure, you can give me the examples. I myself won’t be taking a look at the subs. Too busy with work right now. But I’m halfway thru episode 3’s process so I might finish that up and release it here. Maybe not on D-Addicts though.


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